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Audio Conferencing

Hold travel-free meetings with anyone from anywhere at anytime.

Host instant meetings or work with our experts to plan large conferences. With Asergis Telecom you are able to connect to multiple contacts with just one call. Our Audio Conferencing platform is available 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day. Furthermore, we use some of the most advanced technology in the world to ensure reliable, high quality audio and data.

We offer the following conferencing services to meet your business needs:

Reservation-Based Conferencing

which allows you to plan and manage your conference calls. It is ideal for regular or pre-planned meetings.

Recurring Conferencing

is ideal for clients who wish to hold meetings at the same time every week as scheduling can be set to be repeated automatically.

Reservation-Less Conferencing

offers you flexibility and is available at a moment’s notice. It is perfect for frequent, spontaneous or urgent meetings.

Event Conferencing

is perfect for high level, completely managed conferences for mid to large-sized audiences.

Operator Assisted Conferencing

provides the platform for a professional, efficient and informative meeting. It is ideal for conferences with a large number of participants or for times when your meetings require a more personal service.

Conference Management Service

where all aspects of your conferences are managed from set up through to execution. This service is ideal for large organisations with multi-distributed offices, or for clients who simply require extra assistance with their conferencing.

Our clients will be given access to the Asergis Management Portal (AMP) – an online tool where you can create and manage your conferences in addition to managing all aspects of your Asergis account.

Once you sign up to any of our services, you will be given a full user guide.

Each of our conferencing services can be set up via the AMP:

  1. You will be given a dial-in number together with a PIN code, both of which can be distributed to your participants via the AMP;
  2. Participants will dial-in at the scheduled time and will be prompted for their PIN;
  3. As soon as all participants have joined, your meeting can begin.

For Operator Assisted Conferences, Event Conferences or for users of our Conference Management Service, a Conference Manager will be assigned who will introduce participants and be on hand to help with all other aspects of your conference.

For ease of use, we have conference shortcuts which are accessed from your handset as follows:

This as a Feature for the Administrator

  1. Press 1 to Mute/Unmute yourself
  2. Press 2 to Lock/Unlock a live conference at any point during the conference
  3. Press 3 to Mute/Unmute participants
  4. Press 4 and 6 to Decrease/Increase Listening Volume of yourself
  5. Press 7 and 9 to Decrease/Increase Speaking Volume of yourself
  6. Press 5 for a Roll Call of participants
  7. Press 8 to Start/Stop Conferencing Recording
  8. Press 0 to hear the list of DTMF Commands
  9. Press 0 then 0 again for Live Customer Support

This as a Feature for Participants

  1. Press 1 to Mute/Unmute yourself
  2. Press 2 to Raise Your Hand
  3. Press 3 to Lower Your Hand
  4. Press 4 and 6 to Decrease/Increase Listening Volume of yourself
  5. Press 7 and 9 to Decrease/Increase Speaking Volume of yourself
  6. Press 5 for YES and 8 for NO for Live Polling during the conference
  7. Press 0 to hear the list of DTMF Commands

We also offer an abundance of extra features. Please click on Features of Asergis Audio Conferencing for details.

ITFS (International Toll Free) and PSTN (Local Access) Numbers can be provided from the following countries. We are constantly adding to this list:

Argentina Hong Kong Portugal
Australia Hungary Puerto Rico
Austria Indonesia Qatar
Bahamas Ireland Romania
Bahrain Israel Russia
Belarus Italy Saudi Arabia
Belgium India Serbia
Belize Japan Singapore
Bolivia Jordan Slovakia
Botswana Kazakhstan Slovenia
Brazil Kenya South Africa
Brunei Latvia South Korea
Bulgaria Lithuania Spain
Canada Luxembourg Sri Lanka
Chile Malaysia St Kitts and Nevis
China Malta Sweden
Colombia Mexico Switzerland
Croatia Moldova Taiwan
Cyprus Monaco Thailand
Czech Republic Netherlands Trinidad and Tobago
Denmark New Zealand Turkey
Dominican Republic Norway Ukraine
El Salvador Oman United Arab Emirates
Estonia Pakistan United Kingdom
Finland Panama United States of America
France Paraguay US Virgin Islands
Georgia Peru Uruguay
Germany Philippines Uzbekistan
Greece Poland Venezuela

Benefits of Audio Conferencing:

  1. Ease of Use: You don’t have to be a technical genius to use Audio Conferencing. It’s user friendly and quick and easy to set up.
  2. Cost Effective: Reduce your travel time and costs by hosting instant meetings from the comfort of your own office.
  3. Reliable: Asergis Audio Conferencing is available 24×7 all year round. We use some of the best technology in the world to ensure reliable and high quality data.
  4. Secure: You can see who is on your call at all times, and with the use of unique conference numbers and PIN codes, your calls are secure and uninterrupted.
  5. Global Coverage: With strategically placed POPs across the globe, we are able to provide services to clients all over the world.
  6. Improve Productivity: Communication is the key to a successful business. Regular meetings with remote or overseas staff or clients will improve collaboration and increase productivity.
  1. International Toll Free (90+ Countries) or Local Access Numbers* can be provided for your overseas participants.
  2. Large Party Conferences – we can handle 150 participants.
  3. Operator Assistance is free and available 24×7.
  4. Dedicated Operator Assistance*
  5. Dedicated Access Numbers* are available with a personalised company welcome message.
  6. Conference Recording* for later playback.
  7. Create your own Poll and conduct confidential voting during your conference.
  8. Extensive Control for the Chairperson is available through DTMF.
  9. Dial-Out Function* to enable you to invite other participants to an existing call.
  10. Mute and Un-Mute individual participants as well as groups.
  11. Lecture Mode for ‘listen only’ participants.
  12. Lock and Unlock your conference for added security.
  13. Roll Call and Participant Count to keep track of how many and who was at your meeting.
  14. Entry and Exit Options including name announcement.
  15. On-Hold Music – customer can upload own choice.
  16. Post Call Summary Reports for comprehensive and transparent billing.
  17. PO/Billing Reference Number.
  18. Ability to Assign a Conference Name.
  19. Full Control of Conference using shortcuts and audio controls via your keypad.
  20. Call Blasting*: Wave goodbye to hours of onerous telephone calls. With a single blast you can send out a pre-recorded message to several contacts simultaneously.
  21. Scheduled Automated Dial Out*: You can schedule the system to dial unlimited contacts at a specific time. No conference numbers or PINs necessary.
  22. The Asergis Management Portal (AMP) is used to manage your conferences and your Asergis account.
  23. Conference Monitoring via the AMP to view the status of a live conference.
  24. Full Integration with Asergis Telecom’s Web Conferencing Service.
  25. Global Standardised Features and Online Tools.
  26. Personalised Account Options with the ability to change the Confidential Chairperson Code for added convenience and security.
  27. Capability to Hold Conferences 24×7 without having to go through operators.
  28. Low Monthly Fees and Low per Minute Usage Charges.
    * Chargeable features

About Audio Conferencing

What is Audio Conferencing?
Audio Conferencing is a service that enables a number of people to communicate simultaneously, using telephones, mobiles or internet phones from wherever they are in the world.
Why should I use Audio Conferencing?
Audio Conferencing is a great way to hold meetings without the expense of time and travel.
What are the benefits of the different types of Audio Conference?
  1. Reservation-Based Conferencing - Meetings can be planned thoroughly and participants are informed in advanced of the conference details. Information can be distributed via the AMP text or email service.
  2. Reservation-Less Conferencing - Meetings can be arranged at a moment’s notice and without operator assistance.
  3. Operator Assisted Conferencing - An operator assisted conference gives a professional and more personal service than a system-generated one. The operator will also coordinate and ensure the smooth running of your conference meeting.
  4. Recurring Conferencing – Our simple to use Scheduling module can be set to be repeat automatically, thus saving you time on setting up conferences.
  5. Event Conferencing - these are high level, completely managed conferences for mid to large-sized audiences. Operational staff will ‘walk through’ the call process with the chairperson to ensure that the necessary call features are activated prior to your conference.
  6. Conference Management Service - This service offers a centralised point for all your conferencing needs. You will be assigned a conference manager who will coordinate and ensure the smooth running of your meetings.
What equipment do I need to use Audio Conferencing?
Participants can dial-in to a conference with a landline or mobile phone using the key pad. Phones will need to be DTMF enabled.
How good is the audio quality?
We use some of the most advanced technology in the world to ensure high quality audio and data.

Setting Up an Audio Conference

Do I have to reserve my conference calls in advance?
No, with Reservation-Less Conferencing you can instantly conference up to a maximum of 1000 participants.
How do I set up an Audio Conference?
Our clients will be given access to the Asergis Management Portal (AMP) – an online tool where you can create and manage your conferences. Once you sign up to our Audio Conferencing Service, you will be given a full demonstration plus a detailed user guide.
How long does it take to set up a Conference?
A conference can be set up in a number of minutes. After specifying a few conference features, selecting participants, and selecting your preferred DID, you are ready to start your call.
Do I get a dedicated number for my conference calls?
Yes, a permanent dial-in number can be supplied subject to a fee, other than that our Global Access numbers will be supplied and chairperson and participant PIN codes will be assigned as soon as you register.
Can I set up a Conference from anywhere?
Yes, as long as you have internet access you can set up a conference via the online Asergis Management Portal (AMP) from anywhere in the world.
How do I invite participants to a Conference?
Once you receive access to the AMP, you will be able to create your own phone book of contacts. Contacts can then be selected and invited to attend a conference via the AMPs text out or email service
How do I join a Conference?
Prior to your conference, you will be given a conference dial-in number and PIN code via text or email. At the scheduled time, you dial-in with the number given. You will be prompted for your PIN. Once your PIN has been accepted, you have joined the conference.
Can I use any phone to dial-in to a Conference?
You can dial-in from any DTMF enabled telephone including mobiles.
How can I ask another participant to join a Conference once the Conference has started?
Participants can be given the dial-in number and PIN code even once the conference has started. Alternatively, the chairperson can dial-out to the participant’s telephone number.
Can participants call from international locations?
Yes, your Local number dial-in number supports international calls as well as domestic, there are however local restrictions on some ITFS numbers. Participants will be notified of their local dial-in number by email or text. Asergis global access numbers cover the majority of the globe. Users will need to specify which global access numbers they wish to activate on their account for this feature.
Is there a limit on the number of participants I can invite?
Yes, currently there is an upper limit of 100 participants per conference, which the user will need to select at the time of creating a conference. If you require additional participants, please contact the Asergis administration team.
Is there a limit to the number of Conference Calls I can make?
No, we do not have a limit on the number of conferences a user can create, or conference calls that can be live at any one time.
Is there a limit to the duration of my Conference?
No, there is no limit on duration of conference calls.

During the Conference

Can we record a personal greeting?
Yes, this service can be selected at an additional charge.
Can we record our conference calls?
Yes, this service can be selected at an additional charge.
Do you offer a transcription service?
Yes, we can provide you with a transcript of your conference which can be downloaded online. The usual turnaround time is 48 hours, but orders can be expedited for a nominal fee.
What is Music on Hold?
Music on Hold is an extra vanity/feature. Music plays while participants wait for the chairperson to join which prevents participants from talking with each other. The default for your account is ‘Music on Hold’ but you can change it by going to the Edit Profile Page.
What type of operator assistance is available?
Options range from basic operator support (by pressing 0 plus 0 again during a conference) to our Conference Management Service which provides continuous monitoring by the operator, who organises the call and any pre or post call needs. The operator can be very prominent in the meeting or can remain in the background to assist when needed.
Can I reduce the amount of background noise on a large call?
Listen Only mode allows only the specified speaker(s) to talk. This feature is an excellent way to eliminate disruptive background noise during presentations.
Can I get a list of the people who attended my conference?
Yes, after a conference has been completed, the conference administrator will receive a conference summary report which will also include attendees’ information. For an Event Conference, a participant list can be emailed or faxed listing all the conference attendees immediately following your call.
How do I know which participants have joined my Conference?
At the time of creating a conference, the user has the option to be prompted any time a participant joins or leaves a conference. Also, the names of participants will be announced at the time of joining the conference.
How can I control attendance on my conference?
For an Event or Operator Assisted Conference, you may send us a security list of attendees prior to the call. We will use the list to identify participants before they are admitted to the conference, or the conference administer can set up the conference with just the allowed participants.
Do you offer a Polling Service?
Yes, in an Event Conference, the chairperson or operator can pose a series of questions requiring participants to respond during the call. Participants respond by pressing the appropriate digit on their DTMF enabled telephone or mobile. Results of the voting can be tabulated and distributed to the host via the AMP web interface screen while the call is in progress.
Do you offer a Q & A Service?
Yes, in an Event Conference, participants can signal that they have a question by pressing *1 on their DTMF enabled telephone or mobile. The chairperson then calls on each participant by name. The questions are queued in the order they are received.

Recording Calls

How do I record a conference?
There a number of ways to record your call. You can contact the operator prior to the call; you can use your telephone keypad; or if you are in a web conference you can select the “record” option.
Can I begin recording after the call has already begun?
Yes, you can contact the operator prior to the call; you can use your telephone keypad; or if you are in a web conference you can select the “record” option.
How do I access a recorded conference?
Within your AMP, you will need to access the conference management page, from there you will be able to access you call recordings.
When will I get my recording?
You will get your recording immediately after conference in over. You can see it under conference management > list conference page.


What should I do if I am experiencing a problem during a call?
Our operators are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply press 0 and an operator will join your call to help resolve the problem. You can also email or telephone the support line at any time.
What should I do if I accidentally get disconnected during my conference?
If you are accidentally disconnected on a dial-in conference, call back using the dial-in number you originally used to access your conference.
How do I change my account information?
To edit billing information, please log into your account on the AMP, or call Customer Support at +91 11 6641 4347. Please have your Client ID and password ready.
What is a client ID?
Every moderator is assigned a unique Client ID. Please use your Client ID when calling Customer Support as it allows us to quickly access your information. You can find your Client ID on your billing statement or on the All Conferencing information that was emailed to you upon registration.
I’m not receiving my registration and emails.
To ensure that you receive your registration email, please add the following address to your list of allowed senders: info@asergis.in or contact your account manager who will also be able to assit you.
What if my question wasn’t mentioned here?
If your question has not been answered here, please contact us and we will respond to your enquiry.


Do the chairperson and participants use the same numbers?
The chairperson and participants will dial-in to the conference using the same number, but the chairperson has an additional PIN code. This allows the chairperson to control the conference and access special features only available to him/her.
What is a PIN code and how do I get it?
The PIN code is a unique number which will be assigned to you when you set up a conference. It will be confirmed to you via email or text. You will be prompted for this code when you dial-in to your conference.
Can I change my PIN code?
Yes. At the time of conference creation, PIN codes can be modified to suit the users’ needs via your AMP login.
Can I change the Chairperson’s PIN code?
The only person who can change the PIN codes is the person who created the conference, unless this person has given permission to their sub users to do so.
I have forgotten my dial-in number and PIN code.
Please contact us and we will provide you with your details.
Are the chairperson and participants’ PIN codes fixed for all calls?
For live customers, both PIN codes are fixed. However, you have the option of scheduling calls and receiving new dial-in numbers and PIN codes for each one.
How secure is your service?
Our services are rich in security features, such as lock/unlock call, roll call, name recording, passwords, and participants name, number and name announcement to ensure that your data is completely protected.
How secure is our personal data?
Your business is safe with us. Information received from you is restricted to key personnel within our company and encrypted. It is never shared.


How much will a conference call cost?
Our rates are very competitive, and conference call cost will vary dependent on dial-in/out locations, please contact your account manager or sales team.
Are there additional charges other than the cost of the call?
No, Asergis do not add any additional costs to your account. but there are optional services that can be added at a charge (see Features for list).


Do I need to sign a contract, and if so, for how long?
Yes, you will need to sign a contract to say you agree with our terms of service, however, there is obligation for you to sign for any specific length of time.

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